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Some of the best petrol rc cars are the ones offered by specialty companies like Redcat Rampage, HSP, Kyosho, etc. These are usually fully assembled for you so you are completely good to go out of the box, aside from the gas of course. Petrol RC Cars are easily modified as well that’s if you’re good with real cars, these are like mini-cars. If you break any parts, most hobby shops on ebay has stores selling a wide variety of original and aftermarket replacements, and most are inexpensive in comparison to buying another petrol rc car, unless you collect them of course. Each shell might be painted to fit a genuine car!

petrol rc cars for sale

Petrol RC Cars for Sale on Ebay

Nitro powered / Petrol RC cars may be tuned much like a real car – better exhaust, manifold, fuel, plugs, etc. The list of upgrades on most petrol rc cars, is almost limitless! There are many benefits to spending the extra cash to purchase a cheap gas powered rc car, or even nitro. For one, there aren’t any of those dumb and expensive batteries you have to get or recharge; all you must do is pour in the fuel and pull that throttle.

They also have a lot more power than your typical electric rc car or the common nitro rc cars. Another benefit of petrol RC cars is although they’re more expensive, they tend to last much longer and hardly ever require engine tune-ups, unless you want to tune it for more HP of course! Although these petrol rc cars are inadvertently more costly than their electric and nitro powered rc car counterparts, once you experience using one for the first time you’ll just get hooked. Trust me .

Some of these petrol rc cars are frigging huge! Make sure you got the room when going for a bigger model as seeing something on the computer isn’t the same as seeing it in person. Although these beasts are big and beastly they amends for speed with plenty of power and longevity. It’s bound to entertain you, excite you and even impress your buddies with their sheer power, speed, designs and features. They are petrol rc cars these things move just like the real cars like the cars parked outside your home. These cars can be a seriously fun time for adults and kids especially! How if your children will be the ones using these vehicles mostly, I suggest you stick to the electric models.

The production of Petrol RC cars isn’t exactly a new scene, but thanks to the internet it is expanding, with many forums and websites out there. It is starting to become so popular many car makers have adopted their own forms of automobiles and concept cars into their products. Over the years, lots of people have been collecting many types of remote control vehicles as part of their hobbies. Some of us have even spent 1000s of dollars for our collections.

petrol rc cars for sale

Buy Petrol RC Cars for Sale on Ebay

Now maybe you’re wondering, hey… Should I get an RC Truck, RC Car, or RC Buggy? Well, personally I actually enjoy the cars, and I would put RC Monster trucks as my second favorite type of RC Vehicle. I think if you’re just starting to investigate motorized cars or trucks etc…I recommend starting off with a cheaper model, and then working your way up, as once you get one you’re hooked into the hobby.

Whichever form of petrol remote control vehicle you choose, just make sure it’s what you want as this hobby will drain a lot of your free time, it’s an incredibly addicting little side hobby if you’re into cars. You can also meet many others out there who are interested in the petrol rc hobby as well. If you live in a big city, I’m damn sure you aren’t the only one into petrol rc cars. The most important factor is your enjoyment of the hobby of course, so if you need a hobby… This could be your calling!

Petrol RC Cars for Sale Guide

Just remember, there is 3 varieties of remote control vehicles – nitro, petrol and of course electric. It is a good idea to completely decide on which of these 3 you truly want. If you’re looking for ease of use, no oil involved the electric rc cars are easy to use and some of the newly designed brush less cars are almost comparable to nitro rc cars. 

Petrol RC Cars for Sale

Petrol RC Cars for Sale on Ebay

So what is a RC Nitro car? Well, it is an car that runs on a special fuel mix called nitro. It is the short for nitro-methane, the product of mixing lubricants or oil, methanol, and nitro-methane. The use of nitro just isn’t restricted to RC cars, however. Only recently was it accustomed to power our remote control cars. Nitro vehicles are typically between 1/8 and 1/10 in scale. 

The best thing about petrol rc cars is that if you properly learn to handle and maintain your automobile, it is going to be a thrilling, adrenaline filled time and also the small engine will provide you with endless hours of fun. The petrol cars run using petrol and oil accessible in the petrol pumps but remember are quite huge in size compared to the electric and nitro rc cars and are the more costly remote control cars among all. Don’t let that scare you, there are smaller models and bigger models that will fit anyone’s budget! You’ve just gotta look!

I’ve been collecting rc cars for years and have a vast selection of rc cars to pick from. My favorites I’ve linked you too via eBay in my shop area. . You will find people around the globe that won’t have the same thrill or desire for the petrol engine, like i do when it comes to my petrol engines. If you are among those who want to have the same desire as me, want something super fast or just something to tune after having a blast with feel free to check out some products, they all have personal descriptions as well! on all of the products I promote! If you really want to experience some adventure in high-speed that is. You won’t regret it. You will have much fun, you’ll ask yourself, the reasons you waited so very very long to test out these petrol rc cars.

There is nothing like having the remote control car you’ve always dreamt of, but with society sucking and all, expensive cars…are well expensive. So with these remote control cars we can get our fantasy car in a mini version, which with a petrol engine and all is basically like owning a scale model of your fantasy car, RIGHT? Consider this when you are choosing what you want as you want it  to be your perfect car. Gas remote control cars take care of all tastes and budgets and just like normal cars you have to maintain these vehicles as if they were a real vehicle. The only difference between your own car, and this “toy” car is you can throw this one like hulk and start working on it if you’ve got an issue..

I don’t usually recommend Nitro Powered RC Cars for beginners..only if you’re going to be responsible with it should you buy it if you’re a beginner. These things are faster than some mopeds and hitting someone could be dangerous right? These Petrol RC Car engines are basically a miniature version of a real 2 stroke engine, which has higher performance and improved mileage, lifespan over an electric rc car. Although petrol powered rc cars are a lot faster compared to their electric rc car brethren; as a result of higher performance and longer driving conditions the wear and tear involved with a petrol rc car is higher than that of electric car. Although if well taken care of can last for a very long time, it really depends on how you drive your vehicle whether its on road or off road or if you treat it like trash of course.

petrol rc cars for sale

Petrol RC Cars for Sale

Instead of cars there are buggies and some trucks that are known as all terrain vehicles simply because they can run both on-road and off-road conditions and excel doing so. The tougher suspensions and drive-trains of the trucks and buggies is what allows them to just spit in the face of any terrain they come across. This allows these vehicles to be powerful enough to get over extremely demanding terrain and also fast enough to run on flat and paved surface, destroying your electric rc powered friends cars in the process of tearing up the pavement. Choosing the best environment for the vehicle you purchase is also another determining factor. The tougher suspensions and drive-trains of the trucks and buggies is what allows them to just spit in the face of any terrain they come across.

And if you’re planning on taking the hobby seriously, it is likely you may want to spend more modifying your vehicle, or buy new parts for it to attach. Maintaining petrol rc cars can be a super fun pastime and  as a serious racer can be quite fun to see your experiments. There is a perfect petrol rc car for you, they mostly come pre built so don’t let the tuning thing scare you off, it’s easy and can be quite fun. Cheap Petrol RC Cars do exist, in particular those bought from eBay sellers based in china. Almost everything is made in China these days, so you’re buying directly from the people who manufacture it for the big names.

Check out all my recommended Petrol RC Cars from beginner to expert, low budget to high budget! Petrol RC cars and trucks supply you with a feel for the racetrack. When buying your remote control car choose accordingly in order to avoid frustration down the road. One thing to take into account is that the upfront purchase seems large but these vehicles can be quite a high-end, depending on the brand you buy. If you are a good judge of your purchases, your rewards will probably be a fantastic new hobby that can be truly addicting!!

gas remote control cars for adults

Petrol RC Cars for Sale

Some other things to consider when buying your first petrol rc cars or trucks, or even buggies: What type of vehicle and how big? Do you want ready to own or make your own? Once you start looking up the many available options of  remote control cars available im sure you’ve already caught the RC Fever. Go ahead and buy your first petrol rc car and enjoy yourself.  Go prebuilt 95% of the time, if you’re good with cars you can buy a DIY kit, If you like building things a DIY kit could be a great way to introduce yourself to the RC hobby. You can also find RC cars at many stores, although I haven’t found a place in my city for petrol rc cars mostly just electric, if you need a larger selection and better pricing go on ebay as for the most part they have free shipping and the prices can be very reasonable when it comes to petrol remote control cars.

So If you truly love cars and want to tinker with things, we’re calling all ages from 13 to 999! You’ll have hours of excitement and joy from jumping your gas powered buggy from a 6 foot drop at 40 MPH only to land on your wheels and continue on no problem! It can indeed be a very involved hobby. You will be able to tune better, obtain incredible handling skills, the more inflated your ego will become when your smoke your shabby electric rc friends vehicles!

A lot of people don’t know how exciting RC vehicles are! HSP makes some of the fastest Petrol RC Cars on the market and will always be recognized for their performance engines, many of there models have some serious giddy up attitude behind them! HSP has given everyone the chance to win races no problem atoll with their petrol powered rc cars, most of them don’t even require modifications! In order to have the most fun, it might be recommended that you buy a HSP model Petrol RC Car. This will make it much easier to maintain and just have yourself some good fun.


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