When it comes to nitro and petrol rc cars Is it any wonder men love nitro cars? Think about it: it is a good-looking object that could be controlled from a remote location to perform whatever act or maneuver its owner pleases. It’s designed to entertain on its owner’s terms. In the absence of a throne as well as a crown of diamonds, will there be any object in the world more desirable for a power trip man? Aside from the all powerful woman of course! You can get a new petrol rc car or truck just like a real vehicle, depending on your needs and preferences. Remote control cars alone with no customization can be boring. If you are considering the technical elements of an RC vehicle, then this hobby is made for you. Let’s see why hundreds of hobbyists are flocking to buy Nitro RC cars and trucks!

petrol rc cars for sale in canada

When it comes to choosing RC cars serious consideration must be carried out to make sure the most effective car is chosen for the specific task that you want it to do, such as drifting or off roading etc. The cars can be intended for racing or even as remote control cars for toddlers as well, but leave the nitro/gas for the teenagers adults haha, as the hobby can get quite advanced if you intend on tuning or building your own petrol rc car. When choosing a petrol rc car it’s best to decide on the terrain you plan on traversing, do you intend on drifting? Or climbing muddy hills and jumping off dirt ramps? Indoor tracks handle smaller cars and don’t really have the significant amount of room you’d need if you intend on buying a 1/5 scale petrol car. Outdoor tracks tend to be flexible as the cars dimension is not limited nor is the shape and usually depending on the auto, it’s course is not limited either. And this is why I’d say go medium or big your first time, small can be fun too. For those who are trying to find speed then getting one with nitro is the best.

People have always loved gas powered remote control cars. Everyone at one point in their lives probably had a remote control car whether gas or electric, I had one and we would race with our many friends, or make obstacle courses on weekends after school. However, in addition there are the people who go way above the rest and become hobbyists. They buy the best cars, tune these into complete and utter perfection, upgrade the engines to its highest capacity, and are happy with their cars in general.

When it comes to most RC cars, the designers tend to put a great amount of detail in them, and the petrol car versions aren’t just hobby-grade models they are true-to-life representations, down to their individual parts, as well as for all intents and purposes happen to be constructed in the same manner as if they were intended to be a real vehicle. And these so called hobby-grade models require the same service and maintenance that might be required for a normal operating vehicle.

remote control car for adults

remote control car for adults

If you currently in real life, love to tune your own car or consider yourself a car guy…petrol rc cars is the way to go. They allow you to experiment and tune your engine, they allow for more freedom with most having removable and replaceable parts, you really ought to consider purchasing a petrol RC car. No matter if you are a beginner or possibly a pro, you’ll want an outstanding car that will guarantee the ability to succeed in each and every race. To make this possible, you have to get one of the many Petrol RC cars out there. You may be asking why, well some professional drivers have been using this type of car in their races and they seem to win most races. Indeed, Petrol RC cars can differ greatly!

Most people will recommend electric RC cars for inexperienced racers. This is because they might be a little easier to maneuver and require less maintenance. But instead of squandering your funds on an electric car that will never feel like a real car on steroids, obtain a nitro and petrol RC car and simply practice a little longer prior to taking it for some serious racing. Driving a petrol RC car will feel and sound more like a real car and it has more raw power, which gives it an even more exhilarating experience whereas driving an electric car will lack.

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Both forms of remote control cars have pros and cons. In general, electric models are easier to assemble and care for. Nitro models require more work and expenses, but are faster. Also, Nitro RC cars have a tendency to feel a lot more like driving a true car. A good reason why you’d want to obtain Nitro RC car is that these, being fuel, can operate continuously, with no you worry about recharging it. The price of Nitro RC cars has stopped being a serious inconvenience. Although there are indeed many models three or four times costlier than their electric car cousins.

One clear downside to nitro powered RC toys, however, is you have to provide it with a normal maintenance like you would with a real car. This is because it can consist of several moving parts which have to be regularly cleaned and replaced if needed. Furthermore, if you’re a beginner in these toys or have no prior idea with combustion engines, you might experience some difficulty in assembling or maintaining its engine parts. Battery powered toys, on the other hand, come out of this area almost ready to use. You just have to charge the battery for a few hours to be ready to go.

There’s a whole array of cars and trucks that you can buy. A lot of them are generally replicas of established autos though some others are merely the brain-child of a cool developer and vehicle aficionado. You will discover RC vehicles especially designed for off road and rough terrain and then there are the types which are supposed to be driven on gravel/pavement. If you would like to have a double dose vehicle which can handle off road and on road then acquire a rally model, a car or truck that functions great on tarmac and any other surface for that matter!

Petrol RC Monster Trucks

Get my most recommended beginner Petrol RC Truck/Car here!

So for the people serious in pursuing this hobby, having some experience with other remote control vehicles is needed. if you’re happy to spend the money, then getting nitro rc cars may be for you. The best part is, these kinds of petrol rc cars usually come already assembled with the gas tank already installed so all you must do is simply fill it up while using nitro fuel and you’re simply good to go! A nitro car runs on a mix of nitro-methane, methanol and lubricating oil that are excellently blended because of this type of vehicle, having a nitro engine that needs a little TLC to keep it properly maintained, what with its carburetor, filer, pipe, fuel filter and cooling head which should be constantly tuned up for maximum performance. With plenty of models available to you, and because the options are endless it can be an addictive hobby!

Nitro RC Cars

Nitro RC Cars

Nitro rc cars are most likely the most favored cars associated with most people because of the incredible performance as well as the intoxicating noise that they make. Some of them can reach speeds all the way to 70 mph with blistering acceleration and amazing handling. However, they desire a great deal of maintenance and cleaning. For someone not used to the hobby, the rough starting may be frustrating so you should allow time for regular cleaning and maintenance. But once you get all the experience you need, this may become second nature to you!

Conversion from nitro to electric is becoming a lot more accepted. Now, there is absolutely no longer any difference between nitro and electric RC units with regards to power and handling. Most converts can see, with time, that electric RC vehicles are cheaper than nitro because of the operating cost and also the maintenance expenses are significantly lower. Only you can determine which is right for you. If you have an unattended RC buggy or truggy hanging out, execute a test and try a petrol rc car. I am sure you will be surprised about the feeling you’ll discover after doing so.

Nitro rcl cars are excellent to work with, but require somewhat more TLC than their electric counterparts. Although an in-depth cleaning is not required after every use it does need to be done pretty routinely, probably monthly or more often when the vehicle is utilized frequently. While cleaning it ensure that you give the body of your respective Petrol RC Car an excellent check up, making sure to check it for cracks and missing pieces. Use water as well as a gentle soap to completely clean the outer body, a soft towel works for the larger portions and Q-tip will work on those hard to reach small areas

If you had an ample amount of toddlers remote control toys when you were a kid, or teenager and now want to enter into something more serious and exciting then then amazing world of nitro rc cars awaits you. It’s certainly one step up from a battery powered toy car. Petrol RC Cars that are powered by nitro fuel are built completely different and underneath the body you’ll find a real engine. When you become mixed up in whole world of car racing, when it comes to petrol, petrol rc cars are the best kinds of vehicle to be used, as they usually way a lot less than those big trucks and buggies out there. RC Cars are considered fast and furious while driving. These cars are also created for such sport or activity. This is because they are not bulky like the rest. Which makes it perfect to be utilized inside the racing field due to its lighter weight.

Nitro RC Cars

Nitro RC Cars

Off road Nitro RC cars are usually trucks and buggies that happen to be developed for rough and tough terrain. These models are able to tackle very rough terrain at high speeds whilst still staying extremely balanced. These models can achieve high speeds and their ability off road makes them incredibly popular and very contagious. An added bonus is that these petrol rc cars, buggies, or trucks can be used anywhere meaning they’re very versatile.

There are also many different RC accessories to select from, and it’s really essential that you acquire the best quality at the deepest prices. One thing you must know about these comparison sites is whilst they can compare products over many different companies, they don’t add the costs of shipping and handling. For this you have to go to the individual site to learn. Just because the buying price of something could be low, doesn’t always signify they’ll ship it to you cheaply.Watch out for stores that provide free shipping but don’t live up to it, as the bigger vehicles can get quite expensive for shipping. Which is why I only affiliate link my products to eBay, as if you’re looking for petrol rc cars for sale and most sellers on eBay offer free shipping as well. I’ve done the research, so you don’t have to sink a hole in your wallet!

Nitro RC Cars

Nitro RC Cars


You can easily invest plenty of funds and get one of the petrol rc cars out there or you can get yourself an inexpensive one, the whole lot depends upon what you need to use it for. In case you are getting a car for a child, or simply a person who has not yet really used one in the past, you will need to pick out the inexpensive version as you don’t know if it will be as enjoyable as you may wish for them. Nonetheless, for anyone who is picking out a vehicle for that dedicated petrol RC car enthusiast you must go full-scale and obtain the very best product.


Most people generally realize that the satisfaction lies in building their particular petrol rc cars or trucks. Land vehicles are often typically the most popular and so they enable full customization. It’s like developing a real car but scaled down. You can choose your personal tires, change the body kit, choose the engine and far more.

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