The Rampage XB is one of the Best Petrol RC Cars Ebay has to offer, it is a dune destroying remote control buggy from Redcat Racing, and I must say they have made a beautiful 1/5-scale powerhouse. With its two-stroke 30-CC engine, this buggy was born to blast away the competition and do it in style!

To help get maximum horse power out of it’s wonderful 30CC engine, Redcat also added a tuned exhaust pipe and high-flow intake. These features allow your engine to get enough air for maximum horse power. This ravager is also extremely durable. It features aluminum-bodied oil-filled coil-over shocks, metal gears and an aluminum chassis. This bad boy isn’t likely to bend or fold like the rest of the competition will after you’re finish with them!

All in all, you need to bash and crash am I, correct? Well obviously you do, I mean thats one of the funnest thing about RCing. What better route is there to spend a Saturday evening than bouncing over ramps you’ve built or, unknown territory even and plunging through mud puddles? The Rampage XB from Redcat Racing is an off road basher’s dream.

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If you’re into the whole rough terrain then this the perfect basher’s fantasy. It has every one of the components found in top of the line gas buggies and afterward joins that with a 30CC, gas-fueled, two-stroke motor for huge shredding and destroying of any landscape. This surrey highlights a solitary speed Vertex transmission. This transmission helps you deal with the energy of the extraordinary motor.

Just fill the tank with a blend of consistent gas and two-stroke oil as you would with your weed whacker and you’re prepared to ride. The body on this mammoth is 4MM aluminum for toughness. The brakes are double circle, and the metal shocks are aluminum-bodied and oil-filled. This surrey is additionally 1/5 scale which is massive! It also will raise some eyebrows with it’s amazing handling and power as bash and dash around that track or parking area. To help with all you’re bashing fun, this carriage likewise highlights bumpy rough terrain tires to hold whatever surface you’re planning on tearing apart and is a 4×4 petrol rc car on top of that. The Rampage XB is also waterproof and snow, mud, wet grass and standing water are no match for this beastly vehicle.

This is one of the best Petrol RC Cars Ebay has to offer, no kidding. With a large group of components that make it emerge different from a portion of its competitors out there make it a worth the buy! Redcat leaves the suspension, axles, wheels, and spoiler uncovered. This styling is very novel, and as most remote control car and truck organizations jump at the chance to keep the greater part of the internal workings underneath the cover, yet in this occurrence, it just looks incredible.

With outrageous power through its 2 stroke gas motor, this remote control auto just gloats its 30cc engine with an aluminum frame that will deal with anything you toss this auto at. It’s completely prepared to run and with no additional buys required, this petrol rc car is one of the best accessible available. And I’ll tell you anything from Redcat is worth the buy in the remote control world, this is just the most awesome gas powered buggy I’ve come across, so if you want one of the best Petrol RC Cars eBay has to offer, you can’t wrong with something as amazing as the Rampage XB gas buggy that will deal with almost anything you hand out, including track driving and go 4×4 romping and bashing! We got you secured, it just so happens the best Petrol RC Cars Ebay has. In case you’re in the market for the best Gas RC Buggy, This is the way to go, for a highly sophisticated and reasonable value point, and amusing to drive.

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